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Seacorp specialises in providing an array of comprehensive chartering services for the world-wide delivery of dry bulk commodities whilst maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality and service.

Seacorp's clients are provided with in-depth market information and freight intelligence to give them the negotiating advantage.

Quite simply, we will always seek to negotiate and deliver the best possible freight outcomes for our clients.


Our shipbroking services are provided to our valued clients shipping various dry bulk commodities including grains, oilseeds, iron ore, coal, bauxite, alumina, mineral sands, minerals/concentrates, fertilisers and cement around the globe.

We provide options and advice on forward planning strategies including formulating and executing alternative chartering solutions via spot charters, consecutive voyage charters and contracts of affreightment to ensure optimal freight outcomes via our network of first class Owners and Operators.

Freight Management

At Seacorp we take the general shipbroking role one step further by offering an all-encompassing freight management service for bulk exporters.

We are experts at managing the shipping task for our clients, delivering optimal freight outcomes and flexibility through the deployment of practical and pragmatic solutions.

As Freight Managers, we become a seamless extension of our customers’ business, proficiently navigating the pitfalls of dry bulk shipping so our clients can concentrate on their core business.

Our freight solutions are expansive and include;

  • Spot Voyage Chartering
  • Contracts of Affreightment (COA) and Requirement Contracts of Affreightment (RCOA)
  • All-in freight rates eliminating the risk and uncertainty of demurrage expense at both load and discharge ports
  • Vessel Operating and sub-letting
  • Period Charters, including open-book Joint Ventures and/or Profit Share Agreements
  • Proactively managing freight and bunker volatility through executing Forward Freight Agreements and Bunker Swaps
  • Around the clock coverage including ‘live’ freight guidance
  • Clear and transparent Charter Party agreements
  • Real time tracking and audit tools for voyages including mark to market management of positions
  • On the ground support at all major ports globally via the Seacorp network of offices and our affiliation with the Multiport Ship Agency network.
  • Management of laytime calculations and voyage settlements
  • Consultation on all blue water issues

All our services are provided within the agreed authority levels set by our customers’ whilst ensuring transparency is maintained at all times.

A worker watching the loading of a bulk grain ship

What we do

Seacorp is your full service shipping house, offering end-to-end shipping solutions that provide a seamless experience to our clients.

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The Seacorp difference

We deliver tailored, innovative seaborne trade solutions with a focus on client satisfaction, which is at the core of all we do at Seacorp.

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About Seacorp

Seacorp was born from the idea that an exporter should have everything it needed in one place to facilitate the trade of its valuable cargo.

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Contact Seacorp

View contact details for our head office in Fremantle, Western Australia, as well as our global office in Shanghai, Dubai, Singapore, Jakarta and Tokyo.

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